Cuticle Comfort

DSCN0192 (2)Modern medicine is a-ok with me. I happily take my prescriptions when needed.

That being said, I typically do some form of (to be honest cursory) research about what is going into my body or what is happening to my body. Examples: Flu shot? Acupuncture? Vaccines? Essential oils? I looked them all up (side note…with an emphasis on peer-reviewed journal research. I’m all picky like that). Obviously I’m not an expert, I’m not claiming to be. Nor am I saying my limited┬áresearch ensures I know all the ins and outs of certain practices. I just like to have a general idea, to my satisfaction, of what is going on, in, and/or around me.

That being said, I’ve been trying to skip non-natural chemically laden products when I can. I don’t feel like I’ve done enough research at this point to make a definitive choice for myself; however, I’m of the mind that when I can make a simple switch to something more natural, I might as well do it. For example, I’m trying to use more natural shampoos, body lotions, face products, and such.


One switch, which I’ve been quite pleased with, has been a move from Polysporin and other topical ointments meant for cuts and scrapes to something a little more natural. I’ve been using the M.J.’s Herbals Calendula Salve for quite a while now and am really enjoying this little golden pot of goodness. I use it for minor skin irritations, small cuts, and for softening up my dry, cracked hands and cuticles. I tend to get random skin irritations that present like hives (or are hives, I’m not sure), in my case dang itchy and raised. This seems to help. Same with minor cuts. The salve alleviates most of the itching and just makes my skin more comfortable overall.

I’ve also included in the firsr picture my recent favourite read. Because it’s comforting too. Gotta love me some English humour. Old school style.

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