Pink Polish

DSCN0211 (2)I have awful cuticles. So obviously there will be no artful pictures of beautifully painted nails, with perfect little half-moon cuticles blending nicely into the fingers. Nope. Oh, how I wish. But still. No.

Instead, I’ll just wax poetic about these beautiful pink(y) Zoya polishes.

Mia: The Zoya site describes Mia as a “very soft dusty nude mauve-pink in a glossy creme finish.” That my friends, is a mouthful. But it is also a very apt description. It’s a pretty pink, which is understated but still noticeable (unlike some nudey-nude colours which blend into my skin). It’s a good all-rounder. The formula is easy to apply and wears reasonably well. I’m hard on my hands (washing them all the live long day), but the chips aren’t massive and don’t show all that much.

Kate: The Zoya site describes Kate as a “dusty medium mauve with hints of rose and brown” and called it a “softer marsala shade.” I obviously have a special place in my heart for “dusty” colours. The more muted the better. That’s not to say I don’t like colour as a rule. I’d say I love colour, especially blues, greens, purples (of many varieties); It’s just that I find myself reading for the subdued versions more often than the pow colours. The pow colours I reserve for admiring on other people. I like how this colour applied and did not have many issues with chipping, beyond the norm. Good stuff!

Although I’m a simple soul when it comes to my nails, I will no doubt be commenting on another few Zoya polishes in the future. I like how they apply, they are reasonably affordable and easy to find, and just dang lovely overall.

Any other Zoya lovers out there?

Many thanks for reading, 

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