New Territory

DSCN0342 (2)I constantly find it a little baffling that I’m in my mid-thirties and am only now becoming more interested in make-up. Not just slightly more interested mind you; I’m venturing into full-blown junkie territory.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been wearing some form of make-up on my face since my teen years. Primarily mascara, eyeshadow, and a bit of eyeliner. I believe blush came next. Albeit intermittently.

To give a bit if context, it wasn’t until about four years ago that I dipped my toes into the world of concealers and other bases. I’d always been a little uncomfortable with my dark circles, but not enough so that I would actually do something about them. I’d just look at them, sigh a (tiny) bit, then move on.

The most recent addition to my make-up routine has been lipstick. Since I’ve made the switch to cruelty-free cosmetics I’ve been steadily following more and more people on social media. Initially, I started following people as a form of research; however, my interest soon turned into a means of whiling away some of my more mellow evening hours. (I’m pretty lucky that I have a fair number of those, hence the rise to junkie status).

DSCN0353 (2)

But back to lipstick. People on social media always looks amazing in lipstick. It seems to brighten faces and make people seem much more chic and put together overall. And I wanted to get in on that action. Who doesn’t want to look more put together?

Unfortunately some of my experiments with lip colour left me feeling quite unlike myself. Particularly when I tried reds. In hindsight, maybe this was not so unfortunate after all…I guess it’s all about experimentation, right? Anyway, I found a few lipsticks which I feel very comfortable wearing on a daily basis. Not surprisingly they are more on the pink side, as I tend to feel more like myself when I’m looking fairly natural.

One of the lipsticks definitely fits into the ubiquitous “my lips but better category,” while the other two are only slight variations on the MLBB theme.

DSCN0361 (2)

Natural Beauty: is a lighter pink shade, which is pretty close to my natural lip colour. This is the one I wear the most.

I Am Yours: is a bit of a deeper pink with a touch of brightness. It looks much more coral in the pictures than it looks on my face! It’s not too bright though, it’s a nice, wearable brightness, especially for those who tend to shy away from really noticeable lip colours. I’m not sure if this is still available though…when I looked at my local Shopper’s Drug Mart, it was no longer on the shelf.

Wear Berries: is a medium purple berry shade. It’s lovely. Although initially it was slightly out of my comfort zone, I’m now wearing it on a regular basis.

They are all essence long lasting lipsticks, which I find to be reasonably true to name. All of the shades last a good amount of time. They don’t last all day, but the wear time isn’t all that short either. Overall, they are pretty comfortable; I barely feel like I’m wearing anything on my lips.

These are also ridiculously cheap. I think they are less than C 4$. Bonus.

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