Funny thing, memories.

cup and teaIt’s amazing how much better something as simple as a mug (especially when filled with tea) can make you feel on a grumpy day.

Nothing of note caused the grumpiness; rather, just a lack of foresight with my snack planning and a busy day at work when I still wasn’t quite ready for it all. Minor stuff. But still, grouchiness inducing.

So what do I do when I get home? (Besides of course grab a snack). I sit down to write this post…and the process makes me stop, ponder, and consider this picture. And what comes to mind is this: this mug makes me happy. I would wager a guess that it is one of the most treasured pieces in my home. It’s simple, but in my world it’s also quite mighty. You see I’ve just realized how much I gravitate towards this bluey-green gem when I’m in need of a means to calm my agitated soul.

Why? Because it reminds me of a lovely time and an even lovelier man. Because it feels good in my hands, with its curved edges and perfectly sized handle. Because it bears the name of the place where my husband and I renewed our vows and I’m a romantic. That because of these things, I’m reminded that the little irritations in my day don’t need to follow me home and dwell in my (already full) brain. There’s really not that much extra room.

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