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DSCN0382 (2)Initially the idea of adding liquid to a dry face mask turned me off. What if I mess it up? Won’t it be messy?

I’d really only used a few face masks in the past. Mainly the sticky cucumber ones where you try to peel it off in one go. Or the green clay ones which sting a little, but are super satisfying when you see the oil spots appear. So, not a lot of experience.

One day when I was browsing around on, I saw the brand Balm Balm and was intrigued by the face oils. The frankincense oil looked good to me and there was a smaller, sample-style size, so I popped it into my cart. Then I thought to myself…”this is coming all the way from England” and I couldn’t really justify a single purchase…so naturally I found something else to add to my cart. And it was this lovely little Hibiscus Face Mask.

At first, I thought the mask smelled a little…odd. Very very floral. Overly floral in my mind, as florals are most definitely not my favourite group of smell. Far from it. Then I looked at the ingredients and realized that the mask is pretty much made of flower powder and oil, as well as rice powder. Of course it’s ridiculously floral smelling! (To be quite honest, I still don’t care for the smell all that much, but what this little gem does for my face makes up for the smell in my mind).

So, here’s how it works and how I use it. After mixing up a bit of the mask with water, I add it to my face and wait for it to dry. I needed to experiment a bit with the amount of water I used; if I used too little, it was difficult to apply and if I used too much, then it dribbled off my face. You just kind of go by trial and error and “feel.” A good consistency for me is kind of chunky, with a bit of “squish.” (If that makes any sense at all!).

DSCN0410 (2)

When I add the light pink mixture to my face I notice more brightly coloured spots of pink coming through (and honestly this makes me happy, the bright pink is such a pretty colour and it makes me feel very springy and natural). The mask dries well, but feels a somewhat tight by the end. When it comes to washing off the mask, I use warm water and massage the mask into my face a bit. Not too hard though, you don’t need to be too zealous with this product. After I rinse off and dry my face, I’m always amazed by how soft my skin feels. It’s a lovely feeling.

I highly recommend this mask. When I run out, I’m just going to have to order a few more things from…as I really can’t justify buying just one thing, right?

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