W3ll People Bio Correct Multi-Action Concealer Review

concealerW3ll People Bio Correct Multi-Action Concealer. Yoicks (and gadzooks) that is a mouthful (and to be honest, a little odd to spell with the 3 in there). But, I’ll make myself overlook the random long-ass name…this stuff is lovely.

Ooooh concealers! How you’ve pained me in the past. You sound so wonderful online, with your promises of “natural flawlessness,” “lack of creasiness,” and “amazing coverage.” In reality, you are a fickle beast, with dryness abounding and lack of colours available.

Obviously I know I should just go into stores to check out products in person. Obviously. Buuuut…this doesn’t work all the time. One, I’m lazy (my own fault of course). Two, an abundance of cruelty-free options is not always easy to find at the drugstore or Sephora. I tend to avoid brands whose parent companies test, so a number of the brands at Sephora are not a great fit for me (read: Tarte, Bare Minerals, Nars, and Urban Decay). No judgement; it’s just how I’ve tended to purchase for the last few years. (Side note: not exclusively, but mainly and when I can). Three, I like to research online and see reviews prior to purchasing. Typically I find  there are more reviews for middle to higher end products, as opposed to the more affordable budget cruelty-free brands that I’m able to find in my local (and Canadian!) drugstore (read: Annabelle, Marcelle, Physician’s Formula, essence).

Ok, back to business. As I mentioned before anything beyond a quick swipe of eyeshadow and mascara is fairly new territory for me. My first foray into concealer occurred at a Sephora in a very large mall on a very slow night, close to closing time. This was well-timed on my part; I was more than a little sheepish about my lack of experience and didn’t want an audience. Of course, nobody cares/cared. Silly, self-important thoughts always end up tripping us up, don’t they?

Anyway, I spent more money than I’d ever imagined on a little pot of (hopefully) wonderfulness for my under-eyes. Unfortunately, it was only ok. Not fab, but not bad. Honestly, I didn’t enjoy the extra work involved and I didn’t really use the product consistently. Probably because I found it a little dry and was never able to quite make it look like they did at the shop. They wielded brushes and powdered with ease. I’m not there yet.

The W3ll People concealer has been quite the happy discovery though. The colour light works very well for me, it’s not too light and not too dark for my skin tone. It doesn’t really creep into my ever multiplying fine lines or get really creasy. Ok, maybe it creeps a titch into fine lines, but it’s much better than anything else I’ve ever tried. Dryness doesn’t happen all that noticeably and I look more awake on a regular basis. It’s good stuff in my book. Very good stuff.

Any other suggestions? I’ve tried Hynt Beauty, Pacifica, Couleur Caramel, and Laura Mercier with varying levels of success.

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