Lavender Fields Forever: Leaves of Trees Deodorant

DSCN0536 (2)Dang. Finding a natural deodorant is not a simple task. Not by a long shot. Not insurmountable, I must say, but definitely not easy. Not cheap either (at least in my experience).

I’ve tried my fair share of natural deodorants and have encountered a host of difficulties. Effectiveness issues – check. Texture oddities – check. Irritation – check. White staining – check. Melting – check. Seemingly perfect fit for months and then random (intense) bouts of irritation – check. And let me tell you, a painful rash under the pits is no picnic!

My latest, and greatest, experience has been with the Leaves of Trees deodorant in Lavender Tangerine. It has a lovely texture, it’s creamy and blends right into the skin. The smell is quite wonderful, a sort of muted citrus with a touch of herbal-ness. Really pretty!

Yes, yes, but does it work? For me, it does. I don’t smell awful at the end of the day. Which is basically what I’m after in the end…and really, who isn’t? Except of course those who don’t want to sweat and dislike natural deodorants for the lack of wetness protection. I’ve long since come to terms with the fact that you still sweat with natural deodorants. You just do. They’re not antiperspirants, nor do most purport to be. I’m cool with that.

Although I just extolled the virtues of Leaves of Trees, I’d feel a titch negligent if I didn’t mention the following: in my experience, deodorant is a total wild card and you really never know if it’s going to be a good fit. You read amazing reviews and end up stinking three hours in. You do more reading, buy a lauded product, try it out. and think you’ve found the perfect fit (no stinking), only to realize that said product stains your shirts (which happen to be primarily navy and black). For two washes. At least. And so on.

All in all, Leaves of Trees has no real drawbacks for me: the smell is good, I’m comfortable with the ingredients, there’s no animal testing involved, and the tube is fabulous. Winning all round in my books.

Except here’s another caveat (not a drawback mind you): I need to reapply or use a stick deodorant for a touch up later in the day. Yah, it’s a pain. But it’s what is working for me. And really, I generally had to reapply with traditional aluminum-based deodorants more often than not.

Why a stick deodorant for midday? I don’t mind the application with my fingers in the morning, but the mid afternoon top-up is just more convenient in stick form. I’ve been using Mabrook and Co’s Vanilla and Mint deodorant as my touch up…and it works for the most part. I’m not a huge fan of the texture, it’s a little too sticky for me. But I do smell lovely afterwards and the tingly armpits, albeit unusual at first, feels nice and fresh. The stickiness is not a complete deal breaker, but means that I’m still hunting for an ideal substitute.

Any suggestions?


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