PIIT28: A Family Affair

Summer has set in. In a household where one works in the school system and the other is biding time until work starts in September, this also means that laziness has set in. Big time.

Last summer I whiled away many an hour on my couch. Not reading, not engaging my brain; rather, I was randomly googling and finding things to buy which I didn’t need. Of course some of that will no doubt occur with this holiday. Obviously. But…I’m hoping to incorporate a bit more brain use and movement into my summer break.

First off, I really need to read more books. There’s no excuse for my lack of reading. I just don’t do it. Which is disappointing – I truly enjoy books, the act of reading, and the feeling I get from thinking about what I read. Even when my books are goofy mysteries, cozy and filled with silliness, my brain still works. It is engaged. Online shopping, my brain is not. Enough said.

Now, onto movement. My second goal for the summer.


I’ll preface this by outright stating that I think I’m lazy by nature. I love sleeping in (still and I’m 35) and quiet days filled with walks and lounging. But, if I’m honest with myself, I really don’t need to be quite so lazy – I’ve had a good week filled with nothing at all, more than many get. I’m not recuperating from an illness or intensely stressful time. Basically I don’t have a reason to be quite so attached to my couch. And really it sounds like I’m exaggerating, but it truly gets a little excessive round these parts once school is out.

So, Pat and I are jointly doing a fitness program called PIIT28. He seemed interested, so a jumping and Pilates criss-crossing we will go. Together, with the dog wondering what the heck is happening from her perch, we’ll complete 28 days of workouts. I’m actually a tiny bit excited about this joint prospect. I think we’ll both keep each other on track. Which is good, as I’m easily derailed (see what I did there…train analogies are golden).

Good luck to us!

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