Not everyone loves hearing about cruelty-free beauty ad nausem. Really, they don’t. Surprising I know. Gasp and good heavens.

I’ve seen the small gaze shifts to the side, I’ve heard the minor changes in voice, and I’ve sensed the slight discomfort when I get on a ramble regarding beauty “stuff.” I get it. One of my interests is not an interest for all. And that’s cool.

However, I felt a little stifled. Not able to let loose with my finds and favourites. Therefore, this blog was started. When I say “stifle” I don’t mean I felt judged; rather, I just recognized I wanted to be involved in a community who felt similarly about cruelty-free and natural products.

I’m not aiming for this space to be purely a “beauty blog,” nor include solely cruelty-free and natural content. It’s not feasible for me and I think that’s OK. And, really, I don’t think I could get by without adding in a few “life” bits and posts which offer access into the twistings and turnings of how my “grey cells” operate (kudos to anyone who gets the reference).

Instead, you’ll get a bit of a mixed bag, because that’s how I operate in my thirty-something, Canadian life. A bit of everything thrown into the heap.